Our mission

Create the gold standard, evidence-based digital therapeutic solution for stuttering.

Stuttering is a neuro developmental disorder that begins in childhood and often becomes chronic for teens/adults. It affects 8% of children and 2% of adults,  however we believe the existing forms of therapy are not as effective as they should be.

BeneTalk is the solution that provides out-of-clinic support to parents/teens/adults who stutter & empowers speech therapists to offer support before, during, and after therapy.

Beyond stuttering, we have the potential to help EVERYONE find joy in speaking.

Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Speech Therapy

  • Over 15,000 downloads across 193 countries. 
  • Higher retention than the top 10% of health apps in the US, with 85% of users finding BeneTalk effective. 
  • A recent feasibility study demonstrated that after standard therapy is completed, the use of BeneTalk continues to improve people's lives.
  • Before therapy: Early intervention for children and parents through instant support
  • During therapy: Out-of-clinic visibility for speech therapists to evaluate adherence 
  • Post-therapy: Ongoing management of chronic stuttering
  • Recently secured a £400k award from Innovate UK  and £200k in equity. 
  • Use of funds will be on product development for children/teens, research studies and U.S. sales expansion. 
  • Applying for £1.5 million R&D pipeline non-dilutive grant funding, supported by key charities and universities in the UK.